With a home automation system, your home adapts to your needs and desires. Take control of your home or workspace.

When night falls, your roller shutters close and a 50% bright light comes on. The perfect atmosphere for your TV program. With centralized control, you can remotely operate all the equipment in your home.

Lighting planning

Enjoy the visual comfort of dimmable lighting. Define scenes and moods to adapt the lighting in each room to its use, use general controls for total switch-off when you leave the house, plan lighting moods according to time of day and even sunrise and sunset, and optimize your energy consumption.

There’s no shortage of features to give you the best possible experience. Let’s take an example: when you get home, your hands are cluttered with bags and you’re looking for the light switch with your elbow; well, with home automation, when you arrive, the lights in your rooms will come on by themselves, and “guide” you to the kitchen.

Temperature optimization

One of the most popular home automation functions is heating management. What a comfort it is to get up in the morning and have the bathroom and kitchen at the right temperatures! How is this possible? The home automation system will regulate the heating in the rooms you want early enough to optimize your consumption.

Heating management not only saves you money, it also makes your life more comfortable.

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